Schengen – for the last time?

After the Brexit decision it has become even more necessary to bike completely through Europe at once. One last time to enjoy the benefits of Schengen and visa-free cycling, one last time a peaceful Europe before finally everything collapses and before you just have to emigrate to Canada.
Except we start a great left-liberal, pro-European, satirical, digital movement, which especially dissolves the social divide between city and periphery, between those who have bucks and the left-behind. A movement that transcends the circle between nostalgia (right-wing populists) and technocracy (grand coalition) and reveals us the real split in society. Thus this split is an economic-social, which can be seen also on urban development in Europe. DIEM could be such a movement, but let’s see. I remain somehow pessimistic.
Tomorrow, however, I will start with my bike tour. 5000 km through Europe.