43. Ljubljana and almost at home

Never Slovenia felt so like home (strange, then I was the first time there). Now I’m at 4562 kilometers. Still 6 stages up to Tubingen. Rather viewed 7 stages, I again have to drive from Tübingen-Lustnau to my pup meeting “Our chicken”. So there will be clearly over 5000 km, if I’ll achieve the last stages.
From Ljubljana, I was really surprised. I expected absolutely nothing, but I like this meeting of Slavic, Austrian and Italian culture at one place. I think in any case that Eastern Europe is underestimated (as I call it in my limited German view). The Slovenians apparently found a border fence to their country not very cool. I think we should just forget about England. The future lies in Slovenia and Ljubljana.
Trieste is also a special city. It actually belonged to Austria or Habsburg all the last centuries. The city has such a great square from which one is attracted again and again. In honor of me there were organized even a firework. 🙂

Zagreb – Ljubljana 0Km (transfer by train)
Ljubljana – Trieste 96km