41. & 42. Balkan Route

Now I’m in Zagreb and apart from that I have birthday. So I want to make me a gift and take the train from Zagreb to Ljubljana. I have this freedom and am under no competitive pressure. It is unimportant to me, if I sometimes don’t ride a part of the tour by bicycle.
Between Slovenia and Zagreb there are still border controls. That cost me an hour yesterday and a nasty ride on the highway. But what I think: I am praised for my tour and the friends are happy when I get back. I’m in a cocoon of the European middle class, no matter where I am. If a Syrian is coming to us he is considered with suspicion or rejected, although he had to master a similar physical and much more mental effort. So it is not so that you can fully mitbekommt life of “Locals” when hinreist elsewhere. It is always better asked of richer with a part. Has to be seen, if one makes such a journey. It is self-realization, and no struggle for survival. For many refugees and other people, it may be exactly the latter. Especially now. For example, on the Balkan route. Through which you can no longer get through as a refugee.