Exercise Tour 3: Tübingen-Lustnau to Kirchentellinsfurt to Bebenhausen

On Sunday I rode to the quarry of Kirchentellinsfurt (some time with very good company). Then back to my home in Lustnau, continuing to Bebenhausen and back again. Indeed this tour included only 22 kilometers, however, I need only to fivefold to sevenfold my ridden kilometers for starting Sunday. Then I have my pensum for a day. So therefore, easy doable! So much for that: well prepared! A long time ago that I’ve ridden more than 100 kilometers. But it will work out somehow. What counts is my will.
My bike was baptised the name Karl at the quarry of Kirchentellinsfurt. So you can simply call it “D’r Karl” on Swabian language.

PS: Oh, dear British, if you will, then just vote for the Brexit. But rather: Awesome would be if you stay in the EU and Corbyn will be your premier some time.
PS2: Dear Spaniard, please vote Podemos finally to the power; finally to the government.
PS3: Sigmar Gabriel (sPD – german “social” Democrats) flirts at once with red-red-green. What is missing is that he now rejects TTIP and, overmore, is caring about Martin Sonneborn (satirist and European parliamentarian of my party “Die PARTEI“) being the new federal president of Germany.