About preparation and non-preparation

A very good pub-comrade, Ulrich Stolte (Link is in german), is just on the way to Santiago de Compostella. And yes, he started in my hometown Tübingen not too long ago. On his blog he describes his arduous journey. He essentially walks the Camino, but he’s also quite deviated from the official way (Lyon is just simply not on the official route of the Camino de Santiago).
I think that Ulrich Stolte (by the way a journalist with the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” (Newspaper in Stuttgart)) prepared himself a lot worse than I do. In between, he had to cycle because of a foot injury. It seems now, however, that he will succeed. Only another 300 kilometers are in front of him. These kilometers you will make after the first 2,000. But he is going by foot in contrast to me. My journey is perhaps much more easy opposite to his one. Since I am prepared so good and planed any accommodation beforehand (he made it more spontaneous) does not mean that I’m going to manage my way. There are just different fellows on the world. I am – you may say – much more “German” than he is. But my ‘planing furor’ seems to me rather embarrassing to other people. I do not want to coquet with this, rather I envy people who are much more spontaneous than I am. I may be a man machine.
By the way: Ulrich Stolte and I, we are both members of the legendary “Stammtisch Unser Huhn” (Beerdrinking and philosophizing guys in a pub which are calling themselves “Our chicken”) from Tübingen who has already attained some city notoriety with political satire. In 2014, we even won a seat, in the person of myself, in the city council. (Or should we rather say – my ass won that seat?) We both need and needed a break from our everyday life. So it happens that we won’t see ourselves for five months at the “Stammtisch” and yet we had almost the same crazy idea. Probably the difference between us is that the approach of Ulrich Stolte is more literary – and my blatant, highly political. 🙂
Read definitely his blog if you speak german – I’ve done it many times!