Exercise Tour 2: Tübingen to Hechingen

On my second exercise Tour I rode to Hechingen. There I went shopping at the grocery store and rode back again. Very handy if you are able to go shopping with your bike and with your practical Ortlieb bags – even 30 Kilometers away from your home. This test was absolutely successful. Furthermore I checked my new bike navigation device, which also works wonderfully.
Perheps you could know Hechingen because of the Hohenzollern Castle. I was not at the top, but I was about half of the mountain up. Since I already know the castle. It’s historically very interesting. Leftists might say: Oh, the stupid militaristic Prussia. Maybe they have a little bit right. But I want to do something else, which was done very rarely in history. To view Prussia from a radical left view. In most cases Prussia is used in defense of (perishing) conservative values. I’m going to write even more accurate in the further course of my blog about this.
Whereas this castle triggers no sentimental feelings in me, it’s just a nice destination for a trip, which is exactly 30 kilometers away. Whereby I’ve just tried with these 60 kilometers (back and forth) how a longer trip feels like.

PS: By the way it rained has as hell. 🙂