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5. & 6. Riding not writing

Riding and writing at the same time is difficult . In the evening you have to watch football and further you have to eat some stuff . French stuff. Very good stuff. In Saint-Genix-sur-Guiers: Still one thought: In Monthey (Switzerland) there is a Tübingen Square. But in Tübingen there’s no Monthey square. That has to […]

3. & 4. Ups and Headwinds

My thesis is indeed that the Brexit was the absolute nadir of European integration. Shortly after the referendum I started my tour and now Europe is going up again. I hope my tour brings the turnaround. If only the right-wing populists overestimate themselves, then they will win. The left liberals lack this self-confidence. They are […]

Schengen – for the last time?

After the Brexit decision it has become even more necessary to bike completely through Europe at once. One last time to enjoy the benefits of Schengen and visa-free cycling, one last time a peaceful Europe before finally everything collapses and before you just have to emigrate to Canada. Except we start a great left-liberal, pro-European, […]

Exercise Tour 3: Tübingen-Lustnau to Kirchentell...

On Sunday I rode to the quarry of Kirchentellinsfurt (some time with very good company). Then back to my home in Lustnau, continuing to Bebenhausen and back again. Indeed this tour included only 22 kilometers, however, I need only to fivefold to sevenfold my ridden kilometers for starting Sunday. Then I have my pensum for […]

About preparation and non-preparation

A very good pub-comrade, Ulrich Stolte (Link is in german), is just on the way to Santiago de Compostella. And yes, he started in my hometown Tübingen not too long ago. On his blog he describes his arduous journey. He essentially walks the Camino, but he’s also quite deviated from the official way (Lyon is […]