9. & 10. Cosy through the heat

I let it come on just a little more cosy. Only 100 and 92 kilometers. I realized I need rather more than 6 hours of sleep. However, it makes a lot of fun with local people to talk and in that way to become a sense of the regions where I am. I am rushing a bit through. But by the couchsurfing I get a pretty good view (sometimes as here in Narbonne I also use hotels).
The best supply I got in Monthey. Most interesting places are, I guess, Narbonne and Avignon. (Not to forget Geneve and Montpellier.) These are just Roman cities. Like ancient Roman cities. In Orange, where I drove almost through, there is still an old Roman Theatre (unfortunately I have read that Orange was ruled by the Front National for a long time).
Oh, and a lot of drinking is important. Today I drunk about five liters. And I like French cheese really. And all the happenings around it. France, please stay here in Europe, otherwise there will soon be no more Europe! Do not go over the Atlantic, or something like that. Don’t!

Avignon – Nimes – Montpellier 92 Kilometer
Montpellier – Sete – Agde – Narbonne 100 Kilometer