11. & 12. Overcoming Borders

The 75 kilometers between Narbonne and Perpignan (specifically Saleilles – I was not directly in the city of Perpignan) were really beautiful. I went along at a place where on the right and on left there was water and in the middle there was a cycle path. I dawdled a bit and then arrived again at 8 O´Clock at my nice couch surfing opportunity (an sportsmen and bungee jumpers).
The next day I had to overcome a Pyrenean mountain (whichever) and then came at the border. I was not controlled and had overmore no explosive substances with me. Then I was in Girona in Spain (having stayed overnight in a small town right next to it, called Salt). I think most hotels and apartments cannot keep up with my CouchSurfing accommodation in Salt. By a young woman I got an introduction in the City of Girona and also in politics and food culture of Catalonia. Catalonia wants as you might know to split off by Spain. Actually, I have little sympathy for separatism, but the one in Catalonia has its historical justification (in the Spanish part of Catalonia, at least). This is no anti-immigrant separatism as I understand, but rather a progressive. Everywhere are hanging the Catalan flags with the white star on a blue background. Nor do I believe that they want to get out of the EU as the British, but the Calans was simply often not taken serious by the conservative central government. Furthermore, probably an anti-monarchist is playing some role in it. Although one must consider that Catalonia is richer than the other regions. So, as long as the other regions have less financial possibilities, that would be bad, of course. But to compare that case just with Bavaria would be probably wrong. Especially, since some swabian people would have nothing against a “Bayxit” unless the conservative CSU is there on the government all the time.
Bz the way the stages in France and in Spain were still lighter than that in Switzerland and the Black Forest (Germany). However, in six days from Barcelona to Santander – this will be heavy!

Narbonne – Saleilles (bei Perpignan) 75Km
Saleilles (bei Perpignan) – Salt (bei Girona) 96Km