Why am I cycling through Europe and calling this “political”?

My idea is very simple. Europe is in a bad situation and everyone wants to close the borders. I will only send a signal that Schengen should stay and the borders within Europe should be open. For Schengen is important not least for sporting reasons. Or do we all become fat Europeans and stew in our own juice?

No, we don’t want that. We want an awesome and slim Europe. Therefore, the borders have to remain open and refugees must be integrated. Nevertheless one can, one should even doubt (I like the philosophical doubt) that everything works well. Many things don’t work. But the argumentative doubt is to differentiate from the psychological-compassion-driven self-doubt. I want the philosophical doubt, not the self-doubt.

Self-confidence is the crucial category in politics. Many people don’t know that. One has to strengthen exactly this self-confidence and kicking people up into the ass (and, of course, also in your own ass). But kicking into your ass does not work with cocooning, with new boundaries and by suspending Schengen. This is the path into the “European Angst” (very good that people have a little bit less “Angst” in Germany at these times).

That’s what I’m saying, if I take the bike and ride every day 100 kilometers through Europe: You can do it, Europe, old hag! Don’t bury your head in the sand! Probably my cycling causes nothing at all – but it is a wonderful suggestion. And we are lacking in these kind of suggestions. Suggestions that somehow everything will be good, that there is a future to believe in. And I know such a future.