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2. Too much

157 kilometers in a one day are just too much. From Kehl to Rheinfelden . But very good that this stage is the last stage with such a high mileage. Exactly As the EU. It has just got too much crises.  Now as I’m saving the EU by bike, it will it go up again. […]

1. Look as serious as a politican

My first stage through the Black Forest is achieved. I am in Kehl (at Strasbourg) and I am looking here very serious with my first accomodation possibility. Exercising for my politicians career. With a baby unicorn! Tübingen – Pfäffingen – Freudenstadt – Kehl 121 km

Exercise Tour 4 : Tübingen – Ehningen

My final exercise tour was between Tübingen and Ehningen on Wednesday. Now I’m absolutely prepared. 🙂 Well. My preparation kilometers including the tour to Ehningen (45 kilometers ) were 147. In the first two days I will already have doubled that. In half an hour my tour starts anyway. To Kehl (it’s near Straßburg, but […]

Schengen – for the last time?

After the Brexit decision it has become even more necessary to bike completely through Europe at once. One last time to enjoy the benefits of Schengen and visa-free cycling, one last time a peaceful Europe before finally everything collapses and before you just have to emigrate to Canada. Except we start a great left-liberal, pro-European, […]

Exercise Tour 3: Tübingen-Lustnau to Kirchentell...

On Sunday I rode to the quarry of Kirchentellinsfurt (some time with very good company). Then back to my home in Lustnau, continuing to Bebenhausen and back again. Indeed this tour included only 22 kilometers, however, I need only to fivefold to sevenfold my ridden kilometers for starting Sunday. Then I have my pensum for […]

About preparation and non-preparation

A very good pub-comrade, Ulrich Stolte (Link is in german), is just on the way to Santiago de Compostella. And yes, he started in my hometown Tübingen not too long ago. On his blog he describes his arduous journey. He essentially walks the Camino, but he’s also quite deviated from the official way (Lyon is […]

Exercise Tour 2: Tübingen to Hechingen

On my second exercise Tour I rode to Hechingen. There I went shopping at the grocery store and rode back again. Very handy if you are able to go shopping with your bike and with your practical Ortlieb bags – even 30 Kilometers away from your home. This test was absolutely successful. Furthermore I checked […]

Copenhagen – The coolest bike city

Recently I’ve been in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is probably the coolest bike city on the wohle world. Due to time constraints, I unfortunately did not manage to ride a bike in this beautiful city. My thesis is, however, that it’s able to bicycle there so well because there is simply an appropriate culture. Of course, geographical […]

Why am I cycling through Europe and calling this...

My idea is very simple. Europe is in a bad situation and everyone wants to close the borders. I will only send a signal that Schengen should stay and the borders within Europe should be open. For Schengen is important not least for sporting reasons. Or do we all become fat Europeans and stew in […]

Exercise Tour 1: Tübingen to Rottenburg

Today I made my first little tour. I’m still completely unfit. That’s why I have to start anytime. I want to achieve 100 kilometers per day during my tour starting in June. That’s going to be hard. Therefore, these 20 kilometers from my hometown Tübingen to Rottenburg am Neckar were just a little preliminary.