3. & 4. Ups and Headwinds

My thesis is indeed that the Brexit was the absolute nadir of European integration. Shortly after the referendum I started my tour and now Europe is going up again. I hope my tour brings the turnaround. If only the right-wing populists overestimate themselves, then they will win. The left liberals lack this self-confidence. They are not aggressive enough. But in politics you have to play to win – and every victory against TTIP, against a Hofer, for Podemos, for Syriza, for DIEM, if needs must the German Left Party is a reason to be happy, or at least to sigh with relief.

I live in Monthey at the moment, a wonderful city, which is not far from the Lake Geneva. My hostess is even considering whether it would be useful if Switzerland were also a member of the EU. So there is hope. By the way Monthey is a very good city because it is a twin city of Tübingen and as well it’s surrounded by mountains. There is a Tübingen-place because of the German-french-speaking-Swiss friendship (Note: French-speaking Swiss are not French!)

Yes, and the mountains. I hate headwind and these slight climbs that run forever. But I love tough climbs and descents. I was really looking forward to them. The Obere Hauenstein I have overcome for example. Probably I’m just a human for revolution (of victory and failure), but none for administration. Not everything you have to be able to do.

So I have to wait for the Revolution. Just as Lenin I would prefer to wait in Switzerland, but not in Zurich, rather at the Geneva Lake. If anyone wants to join, then I want to fight against the Europe of the grand coalition and even more against the rights. There must, however, be given a new different narrative. Perhaps one of Platform associations and a new self-confidence of those who have no bucks. Perhaps the platform capitalism lower class  could play a role there. I mean micro-entrepreneurs who say that our contributions through work will be not blown away at the stock exchange. Or taxpayers and non-taxpayers who want to pay taxes against rich parking their money offshore. Our motto could be: We want our money back!

The present narrative: Refugees against locals is scrap. It can not be solved argumentative, but it must be rejected. There is no struggle of locals against refugees (except a few idiots), but only the question of how to distribute resources equitably! Then we are in the heart of the question, what kind of economy we want.

Or to put it, so to speak: The Softies (rights-winged people) care about cultural conflicts, which will give it time to time, while the Hardies as one may say ask the question of the economic, environmental and social resources. Or should we not discuss these topics because of the “refugee crisis” now? We must more than ever discuss about it!

3. Rheinfelden – Bern (Köniz) – 104km
4. Bern (Köniz) – Monthey – 131km