38. Vienna, please destroy the FPÖ

It is strange. I cannot imagine that in this cosmopolitan city actually there had been almost a FPÖ-mayor. That does not fit. The city is much better organized than Berlin. For example the traffic. It’s fun to ride by bike through Vienna.

The city is also known for its social housing and also Austria has always a certain social security (they say). So there is the question of what went wrong here, and maybe it reduces something my thesis that the right-wing populism is a purely an economic problem (the economy in Austria, I guess, also stutters. I’m not sure).

I like the city, anyway. After all it has put forward the philosophical circle Vienna Circle and also comes Wittgenstein from here. There are many museums and such stuff. Also interesting: While I can go shopping and eating in Brno (Brünn in german) for very cheap money, it is 100 kilometers away in Vienna much more expensive. This price difference is not healthy for Europe, although some people profit therefrom (me, for example).

Vojkovice – Wien 120 Km