30., 31., 32. & 33. Calais – Berlin – Breslau (almost)

My feeling is that there is too little communication in Europe at the level of ordinary people. When I am in Berlin and drive through alternative residential area, I think that people there do not know how the world looks 200 km next in Poland or just 100 kilometers far away in Frankfurt/Oder. Or as a Belgian you may not know much about of the dismal conditions in Calais.
You burn too much in your own juice in Europe. Often the immigrants are accused that they would form parallel societies. But locals do that as well. There are too little cross-border projects. I think that nationalism, which was invented at the end of the 19th century, still shows its mark. Perhaps it is therefore currently so easy for the rights to appeal again to their own national pride.
As far as I have read the borders were open most of the time in Europe. What we have with Schengen is therefore rather the norm than an exception. But everywhere there is a fire: In England they win votes with “Take back control”, in Poland patriotism is taught of volunteers, in France many want all Muslimus and Jews throw out of the country etc. These are the same reflexes that led to the 1st and 2nd World War. Although I don’t think there will be an intra-European war, the political and economic Entwicklunng will likely be stopped if they go on like this. Since which realistic goals have the rights? And no Migrant less will ensure that the little man has more money back in his pocket.
What to my Biking happened: It is still very flat, but on the last stage to Leszno I have already noticed that this changes now a little. I need now one stage to ride to Breslau, which is now called Wroczlaw. In Kopanica I was supplied excessively well with food. Most of it was from the garden. I like the Eastern European peasant cuisine very much. There is also something for vegetarians.

Magdeburg – Potsdam 129 Km
Potsdam – Berlin – Frankfurt / Oder 131 Km
Frankfurt / Oder – Kopanica 109km
Kopanica – Kargowa – Karszyn – Leszno 79km